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  • You can’t stop
    the waves

    …but you can learn to surf!

  • What we need
    the most…

    … is someone who enables us to do what we are capable of.

  • There is not “the one” way…

    …to ride the waves.

What Big Wave Customers Say:
“Business coaching with Deborah brought me…

… clarity “


… increased my scope of action“


… increased performance“


… long-term pay-offs“


Big Wave Business Coaching

Benefit From the Power of the Waves

Today’s world is constantly changing and subject to complexity and uncertainty. Permanent changes and complex requirements present even experienced managers and employees with enormous challenges.

These challenges are like waves in the ocean: a force of nature outside of our control. The challenges affect everyone. They can be threatening and unmanageable. Some challenges start out small and then quickly grow into massive wave crests. At first, they are barely noticeable but suddenly they change everything. The ability to move confidently in this environment has become a crucial competitive factor.  

What may seem simple is often difficult to implement. You are wondering how you can tackle it? There is no blueprint. Yet, everyone can learn to deal with challenges, crises and changes. All of us can learn to make good decisions. It is like surfing: have someone to show you the basic principles. Learn how to benefit from the power of the wave and get the board riding the wave. Only then can you really enjoy the “thrill of surfing”.

I work with you on how to use your skills and strengths in a goal oriented way: to increase your scope of action, your performance and job satisfaction. I am at your side as a competent development partner backed by years of successful professional and leadership experience.

Big Wave Business Coaching

In my work you as a person are my focal point. It is important to me to develop sustainable solutions for your needs. In doing so, I am guided by ethical values. The methods and concepts at Big Wave Business Coaching are scientifically proven and take relevant research findings into consideration. My offers benefit executives, teams and companies. All my services are available in a face-to-face format as well as online. In online settings, I use professional and innovative platforms that enable interactivity and collaboration.

My Offer

  • As a business coach, I work with you on utilizing your strengths and resources in a goal oriented way to overcome professional challenges and increase your effectiveness.  Together, we will develop suitable solutions for your leadership situation, providing you with specific measures for implementation. Are you a manager, executive or project leader determined to develop a broader repertoire of actions to effectively address varied situations? Are you facing a major change or an important decision? Or have you just taken on a new role and want to successfully manage the role change?

    Here is your opportunity to take action with my support.

  • As a team coach, I work with your team on how to achieve genuine teamwork. To increase job satisfaction and to reach peak creativity and innovation. So that your team performs excellently, making full use of its potential. Do you want to achieve your project goals with that kind of team spirit even when working remote? Do you want to increase the performance of your team? Do you want to resolve team conflicts or simply enable your team to reflect on their collaboration? Or do you want to specifically promote innovation?

    Here is your opportunity to take  action with my support.

  • As a consultant, I support you in planning and implementing change. So that you are enabled to engage your employees and your management in this change process. You’ll receive my advise in how to deal with resistance adequately and shape changes sustainably. If you want to act more agile and nimble, I advise you under which conditions it benefits your business. I support the implementation with training offers. Is your company or department facing a massive change? Do you expect resistance from your workforce or management? Do you want to integrate agile elements into your teamwork and swiftly respond to new requirements? Or would you like to conduct a design thinking workshop?

    Here is your opportunity to move forward with my support.

  • As an experienced manager, I accompany executives and international teams in intercultural settings. In order to unravel the full potential that lies hidden in the diversity of these teams. In addition, I conduct intercultural trainings for specialists and managers to work effectively in intercultural contexts. Are you about to be posted abroad or have you just joined an international team? And would you like to expand your intercultural competence? Do you want to fully utilize the potential of your international team? Or does your international team suffer from conflicts and performance problems?

    Here is your opportunity to move forward with my support.

“If you grasp the wave, you deploy your power purposefully and use the energy of the wave“

A Surfer

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