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About Me

“Either we find a way – or we make one.”


How I work

I feel strongly about having an a appreciative and reliable cooperation. My main focus is the people I work with. As it is important to me to deliver competent and qualified service, I stay in personal contact with my clients in order to tailor my offer optimally to their expectations.

I love challenges and have the necessary composure to tackle them pragmatically and purposefully.

Together we find – or “make” – a way. My services are designed to create real added value for you. For this reason, I continuously invest in my personal and professional development and ensure the high quality of my work through ongoing supervision.

In an initial conversation, we clarify your demand, investigate your needs and agree on the goals you want to achieve. Subsequently, I submit a goal-oriented proposal or concept tailored to your individual situation to ensure we are on the right track.

Whether we meet online or in person, I ensure an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and we can work effectively.

My Story

“No one has ever learned to surf well in calm seas.”

Organizational changes, the introduction of new processes and systems, and the development of companies are often complex challenges. From my experience as a leader and project manager in various optimization projects, I have learned to actively and successfully overcome such challenges. In doing so, I have seen how important resilience and flexibility are, not just for me, but also for the teams. This is especially true when unforeseen events  shake projects and plans.

In addition to my professional engagement with change, personal setbacks have also prompted me to deal intensively with crises and changes. I wanted to find out what makes people resilient and what factors enable them to emerge strengthened from these challenges.

These insights led me to seek targeted further education to deepen and expand my skills in this area. Additionally, I was able to broaden my expertise through practical experiences in a comprehensive transformation project and specialize in guiding people and organizations through change processes.

With my experience in business coaching, deep work coaching, and group dynamics, I develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to the individual requirements and challenges of my clients. I am firmly convinced that everyone – with the right support – can master changes. That’s why I offer systemic solution-oriented organizational consulting and business coaching to support and strengthen companies in their development processes.

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore


Surf & Turf – the best of both worlds.

I’d like to offer you 30 years of professional experience in small and medium-sized businesses and the automotive industry. Almost two decades of that include leadership and project management tasks. As an experienced leader, I am familiar with the challenges that come with achieving ambitious goals.

Thanks to my competencies in coaching and consulting, I know successful methods and have a solid knowledge to achieve these goals. In my own coaching and trainer qualification I pay attention to high quality standards and certification by recognized associations, as well as scientific foundation.

  • Graduate in Business administration and Marketing, AKAD University
  • Change Management and Systemic Organizational Developer (certified), Professio GmbH
  • Business Coach (certified and recognized by DBVC and IOBC), Karlsruher Institut Prof. Berninger-Schäfer
  • Online Coach (CAI certified), Karlsruher Institut Prof. Berninger-Schäfer
  • Expert for group dynamics, Pecon Academy, (certified DGGO)
  • Agile Trainer/Facilitator, Claudia Thonet Agile Consulting GmbH, (certified DVCT)
  • Deep Work Coach®, AC-Campus
  • Conflict and crisis management
  • Expert level in digital competence, acquired through data analytics projects and leading virtual teams
  • Over 15 years of leadership experience in various positions in the automotive industry
  • Project management e.g. in change projects
  • Experience in building and developing agile teams
  • DBVC and IOBC Member 

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