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Big Wave Leadership Coaching

There Is Not „The One“ Way to Ride the Wave.

Just as there is not one single way to ride a wave, there is no one golden rule for leading people. Just like surfing, the key is to first obtain clarity of the entire situation, building confidence in your own strengths, doing the right things, and reaching your goal step by step.

Big Wave Leadership Coaching is as individual as you and your challenges. It serves in reflecting your professional issues and clarifying the desired changes. Firstly, we’ll have a look at your situation. I see myself as your motivation motor and sparring partner. You will determine your personal idea of effective leadership and define your goals. Based on that, we will develop individual solutions and shape your leadership profile. So you will be able to meet the growing demands of your role, lead successfully, and inspire others as a role model.

I’m not saying it
will be easy – I’m telling you
it will be worth it!

As a business coach with over 15 years of leadership experience, I encountered many challenging leadership situations. I know that a broad spectrum of actions is required to lead confidently in difficult situations. Together with you, I turn the focus on the appropriate and feasible solutions for your specific situation.

Whether you desire a brief impetus, extended guidance, or intensive leadership training: We design the content and format to generate the greatest added value for you. Whether online via innovative platforms or face-to-face, I conduct coaching sessions in German and English.

Content of Big Wave Business Coaching may include:

  • Development of your leadership personality
  • Decision-making
  • Career planning or professional reorientation
  • Conflict management

  • Crisis management
  • Change management
  • Strategy and vision development
  • Virtual leadership

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