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Big Wave Organizational Development

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Organizational development is like a journey that leads to positive change. It all begins with an idea and a plan. However, it is the dedication and passion of people that bring that change to life. Once everyone identifies with the vision and sees themselves as an integral part of the whole, the path to shared success is paved.

I support you in shaping dynamic organizational development and implementing successful change projects. Together, we create a tailored concept that combines essential elements for effective and lasting growth. The goal is to build a resilient organization that fosters creativity and innovation. As your consultant, I’ll be there from the initial analysis to concept creation and successful implementation. Together, we’ll ensure that your changes have far-reaching and positive impacts.

An organization is a living system that must constantly adapt and evolve to thrive.

Peter Senge

That means, the only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to learn faster than the competition.

The purpose of organizational development is to optimize the structure and working conditions of the organization, leading to increased efficiency and success.

As a systemic organizational consultant, I believe that the most effective solutions come from within the company. I therefore avoid just giving external expertise and instead collaborate with you and your team to develop customized solutions. Of course, I also provide explicit guidance when needed, especially in areas where experience or specialized knowledge is lacking. I utilize a broad repertoire of methods and am constantly extending my knowledge.

Here are some topics that might be relevant within the organizational development of companies :

  • Organizational structure and design
  • Processes and interfaces
  • Management and strategy
  • Organizational culture
  • Personal development 
  • Leadership
  • Projects

In addition to core organizational development, I offer customized training modules on related topics, such as effective leadership, conflict management, and communication. My training sessions blend theoretical input, practical exercises, and real-world examples. Additionally, I provide facilitation services for large group events and town halls.

Consulting and trainings may include:

  • Reorganizing business units
  • Organizational growth and development
  • Strengthening HR functions

  • Succession planning and transitions
  • Leadership development
  • Implementing agile methods like Scrum, KANBAN, and Design Thinking

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